7 Areas of Your Garden You Should Never Neglect


Unless you are the most dedicated gardener, it is easy to occasionally neglect parts of your outdoor space. Sometimes, bad weather or distractions from other parts of your life can get in the way of paying more attention to your garden. However, there are some areas that you should try your best not to ignore.

1. Lawns

The most common feature of many gardens is a grass lawn. These require regular maintenance by mowing and keeping edges neat. Weeds can often sprout on lawns and mowing can help to keep them from flowering and spreading. There are also various grass treatments that can rejuvenate your lawn and keep it green.

2. Trees and Shrubs

If you have trees in your garden, it’s important to keep an eye on their health. Decay and disease can affect trees and cause them to die prematurely. Find out what changes to expect from the specific types of trees depending on the seasons so you don’t mistake normal activity for ill health. Check your shrubs and bushes for signs that they need more attention.

3. Ponds and Fountains

Water features are another part of the garden that shouldn’t be left without care for too long. There are different ways of looking after a water feature, depending on what type you have. For example, fish pond pumps should be cleared to make sure that they continue to operate fully. The better care you take of your water features, the longer they will last.

4. Paths and Patios

To prevent your paths and patios from deteriorating early, keep them free of weeds and moss that can grow between slabs, tiles or bricks. Sweeping them and applying sand to close gaps between slabs will also help to keep your patios looking fresher for longer. If a crack appears and can’t be repaired, replacing it with a new one will help to keep the rest of the structure secure.

5. Flower Beds

Flowers are usually delicate and require a gardener to know precisely how to care for them in order to flourish to their full potential. Research the types of blooms in your flower beds and check that you are giving them the right treatment. Some might be hardier than others but that doesn’t mean they don’t also need attention.

6. Greenhouses

If you have a greenhouse, chances are you are a keen gardener who knows how to take care of a variety of plants. However, this doesn’t mean you can afford to forget about the organisms growing there. Make sure to check the temperature, humidity, and light levels of your greenhouse to give your plants the best chance.

7. Vegetable Patches

Since vegetable patches are for growing edible produce, maintenance occasionally involves harvesting your crop and enjoying it. Just make sure to take the necessary precautions to prevent slugs and other pests from profiting off your hard work.

Taking care of a garden isn’t always easy, but it can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.