Bathroom Trends That Will Take Your Space To The Next Level

Bathroom Trends

Whether you are planning to completely renovate your bathroom or making some minor adjustments, there are simple things that can transform the space. There are many bathroom renovation Dubai companies that provide complete remodeling services as well as handymen facilities. When you decide to renovate your bathroom it’s best to get professional consultation to bring the maximum out of the room. Here are some of the hottest bathroom trends to look out for in 2022.

Black Matte Fixtures

Don’t hesitate to introduce black faucets and other fixtures into your bathroom. A non-traditional choice it can instantly elevate the look of your bathroom. Contrast black fixtures with sandstone tub or stark white shower cabin. Add interest and appeal with different textures like natural grains and stone.

Patterned Tiles & Wallpaper

Graphic tile patterns are the perfect way to accent a bathroom. Whether you choose bold contrasting design or soft, subtle hues, the options are plenty. From ceramic to subway tiles, patterns are not going anywhere and have become a top choice this season. For people on a budget, wallpapers are low cost, less effort, and high impact option. Add perfect finishing touch to your bathroom wall with colorful motif, graphic, textured, or subtle patterned wallpaper.

Modern & Traditional Bathroom Suites

It’s important to choose a bathroom suite that balances your bathroom space. There are so many options to choose from – be it minimalist, traditional, contemporary, or modern. Add glamour to your space with copper washbasin and tub. If you’re looking to add luxury to the room then go for extravagant choices and dramatic fixtures. For people with traditional preferences, neutral color combinations are recommended. Many home décor furniture shops offer bathroom furniture as well like stools, chest drawers, and consoles. Create a style that reflects your lifestyle.

Luxury Spa Aesthetics

If you are looking to invest in a luxurious bathroom then spa amenities are a must have. Create a relaxing spa bathroom with natural textures and light tones, jacuzzi or a tub with power jets, and heated floors. Rain showers and steam is also an important addition if you’re looking to create our personal sanctuary. Final touch, lots of scented candles and low lighting.

Stylish Accessories to Make a Statement

Just like your bedroom or living room is not complete without artwork or decorative items, bathroom isn’t going to standout either without some stellar additions. Add personal decorative elements that match your taste like a souvenir, potpourri, scented candles, and pottery. Add color to your bathroom with bold and vibrant towels. Compliment a stark white or off-white bathroom with black and white check pattern towels or a floral bold print. Indoor plants and succulents are also a beautiful addition to your bathroom décor. Wicker baskets brings in texture to the room.

Regardless of the size, your bathroom is your relaxing retreat and by making small tweaks you can make it the bathroom of your dream.