Signs Of An Aging Roof


Asphalt shingles, along with many other roofing solutions available in the market, require replacement over time. You may lack the expertise to evaluate if your roof is still in good condition or needs replacement. Not all roofs with damage need to be replaced and Cheshire roof repair contractors from My Home Solutions will evaluate the condition of your roof and repair if need be. Below are some of the signs that a homeowner should look out for to determine the condition of the roof.

Clawing or curling shingles

Shingles may begin to curl or claw with age due to excessive heat in the attic below. Curled shingles are prone to breakage from strong winds and other environmental factors such as rain and snow. In turn, the damage causes leaks and sub-roof damage in your home.

Bare spots and missing granules

Roof granules that protect roof shingles may wear out over time due to water flowing through roof valleys. The roof granules are essential as they act as a sun and weather barrier protecting the asphalted underneath. To increase the life of your roof My Home Solutions Cheshire roofing experts ensures that the granules, when worn out, are replaced.

Damaged flashings

Flashings are vinyl or metal trim pieces installed around skylights, chimneys, eaves and in roof valleys. Over time, contraction and expansion due to temperature fluctuations may cause the flashing to become loose. Since flashings are held in place by nails, these seasonal changes may cause them to pull the nails or fasteners over time. To avoid water damage, have your flashings checked and maintained regularly.

Missing or broken shingles

Due to adverse weather conditions such as wind and storms, shingles can completely come off or partially break from the roof. This is a major sign of an aging roof that may require replacement.

If your roof is getting older and needs replacing Cheshire roofers from My Homes Solutions have both the skills and equipment to meet all of your roofing needs.