What Are The Best Flooring Options For Dogs?

Best Flooring

Many of us like keeping pets. But hardly do we think that our house floor is pet friendly. Finding flooring that suits your personality and that accommodates your pet’s needs is difficult. But the fact is that you will find number of options that will work for you. Dogs are very active pets and roam around the house. Owning a dog means a lot of wear and tear to your furniture, garden and indoor floors as well. In case if you want to know how you can choose flooring that can keep you and your pet happy, we broke it down for you.

Factors to consider while choosing the flooring

Choosing flooring that is sturdy to support your dog’s lifestyle and look beautiful at the same time is indeed a challenge. Depending on the kind of dog you have, you can choose the flooring. Before that you should take factors like scratch resistance, water and stain resistance, maintenance, comfort and traction into consideration. Having considered what your requirement is, it will become easy to choose the right one. For comparison, we have put together an array of dog-friendly flooring options that will work for you and your dog.

Tile Flooring

Tile has traditionally been the go-to choice for pet owners. While laminates are susceptible to spills and wet-mop clean ups, tile is resistant to moisture and temperature. Advanced technology has made it possible for the modern porcelain tiles to appear like natural stones and hardwood floors. The texture combined with the grout, offers a lot of traction for pets. The only downside can be the hard and cold feel of tiles which the pets may not feel comfortable.


Laminate is much durable option as it can stand scratches, and therefore makes for a good option for hyperactive pets. Though it has similar appearance as vinyl, because of its surface detail and texture, it looks more like hand-scraped or distressed hardwood. The smoother options, however, provide less traction and insulation compared to other floor options.

Engineered Hardwood

If you are someone who cannot sacrifice the look of hardwood flooring, you have engineered hardwood as a cost-effective alternative. It mimics the appearance of natural wooden floor because of the top thin layer made with natural hardwood. Though it can be cleaned quickly, it doesn’t compete with vinyl in moisture resistance.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is a good option if you want your floor to be pet friendly and look good as well. It is durable, stain resistant and hence easy to take care. Bamboo flooring is either engineered or made into a solid product. You can find number of designs for it can be stained and finished in number of ways. It is mostly resistant to damage as it is made with the strongest flooring material. Though it is moisture sensitive, you can prevent permanent damage with proper care and maintenance.


Cork is an eco-friendly material that is most ideal for pets. It is resistant to mold and mildew and hence is considered the best material for moist regions. However, to prevent permanent damage, it requires a quick cleanup. By virtue of its natural softness and cushioning, it makes for a comfortable choice for their movement. But it leaves dents or punctures from dog’s nails or heavy furniture. It can also reduce the noise levels from your pets running around.

Pets are part of family and you should give every thought before choosing a home and its flooring. Not everyone has the best option that is optimal for your needs except Henderson’s Flooring. Please visit https://www.hendersonsflooring.co.uk to equip yourself with more information.