What To Do If Your Newly Purchased Home Has Mould Issues

mould removal

If you purchased a new home without having it surveyed first, you may not know that the property is prone to mould, and that in the future, you may need the services of a mould removal company.

While this isn’t great news for any new homeowner, it’s important to recognize that mould is merely a symptom of a potentially much bigger problem involving moisture. Too much moisture provides mould with the perfect conditions in which to grow and thrive, and if not addressed, your new home may always suffer from mould.

Having the mould cleaned away safely by a professional mould removal service is the first step to take, but your efforts should then be focused on preventing it from returning, and remember that mould doesn’t only grow in areas that you can see. Cavity walls, floorboards and other areas of your home hidden from view, may well be suffering from mould, too.

What causes mould to grow in a home/

One of the single biggest causes of mould in UK homes is condensation, which occurs when droplets of water, humid air and cold surfaces combine. Commonly found on windows, condensation is a big problem in the winter months particularly, and mould can often be seen forming on or around window frames. The corners of rooms and walls that are north facing are also vulnerable to mould growth, and you may even find it lurking behind bigger objects like beds and cupboards; spaces that are rarely ventilated.

How best to clean mould

It may be possible to clean smaller patches of mould yourself, but don’t forget that it may also be lurking inside wall cavities or under floorboards, making the need for professional mould removal, increasingly beneficial.

To clean mould yourself, try not to use bleach if the mould is growing on a porous material, since this will likely only eliminate the mould that you can see on the surface, and not tackle any mould absorbed by the surface it’s growing on. In some instances, the use of bleach can actually make the problem worse; if in doubt, speak to a mould removal service in your locality.

What can happen if you ignore mould in your home?

Failing to address mould in your home, and the problem that is causing it to form, could cause all manner of health concerns for anyone living in the property, but particularly for babies, young children, the elderly, and anyone with a compromised immunity. While it is true that not all types of mould will have this effect, some strains can be incredibly serious, making it even more important to have the mould assessed and dealt with professionally.

By arranging for a mould removal company to attend your home and assess the problem, you can have the problem fixed once and for all, as not only will they clean the mould and make the air in your home healthier for everyone to breathe, but they may also implement a mould remediation process, such as positive input ventilation. This process will bring mould spores present in your home to a level that is both acceptable and safe, and help you live happily and healthily, forever after!

If mould is a problem in your newly purchased home, don’t ignore it and hope that it will go away, because it simply won’t. With the ability to make anyone vulnerable in your home, feel very unwell, mould problems should always be dealt with quickly and efficiently, and hiring a mould removal service is the best way to ensure that the problem is eliminated once and for all.