Window Film Vs. Alternative Shade Systems

Shade Systems

It is important to control sunlight in any commercial facility to mitigate problems linked to the sun, such as fading, glare, and overheating. These films are known to prevent up to 99 percent of the sun’s rays, thereby reducing associated issues.

An exterior shade system and window film are two alternatives that can control the sun’s rays, leading to reduced energy usage, lower electricity bills, and enhanced comfort. For an in-depth understanding of these alternatives, one might want to visit, which provides comprehensive insights on such topics.

Why to use?

There are different reasons why the use of such films in a commercial vehicle, Recreation Vehicle, SUV, home, or office can come in handy.

  • For aesthetic purposes

When you add such films to a commercial premise, vehicle, or your house, it sports an immaculate “finished” appearance while also reducing the sun’s glare.

  • Protection from Ultraviolet rays

They are capable of blocking 99 percent of the UV rays of the sun from making an entry into your vehicle, office, or house.

  • Increased comfort

They can create a cozier ambiance wherever it is installed. For instance, tinting your car’s window can make it up to sixty percent cooler during the summers.

  • Privacy can be improved

They can offer an unobstructed view of the outside world while people who are outside cannot see you through these films during the day time.

Exterior Shade Systems

These include exterior blinds, vertical fins, automated systems, or overhangs. The aim behind such a system is to prevent the entry of direct sunlight through the windows of a building.

Even these systems offer several benefits just like window film. They may lead to savings in energy. That is because the direct heat of the sun can be reduced through windows. These systems can also decrease glare without closing blinds or removing window shades.

However, these shade systems can have an effect on the exterior aesthetic of the building. It is always recommended to consider the shading devices in the early phase of designing a building. Doing so will help to improve the overall aesthetics of the building.

The exterior shade system may also need frequent repair and maintenance. When winters come, these systems are likely to shoot up heating loads. That is because these systems redirect the rays of the sun throughout the year. It happens so even during the winters when one needs the sunlight for warmth and heat.

This type of film is an excellent choice for windows and buildings. There are several situations when it can enhance the insulating ability of commercial windows by as much as 92 percent.  Window films are made of polyester material with an adhesive so that application on glass surfaces is easy. It is not only used in automobiles but also in offices, homes, and commercial premises. The goal is to enhance solar control, aesthetics, and safety.