Building a Residential Extension: What to Consider

Building a Residential Extension

House prices seem to be going through the roof, everyone from first time buyers to homeowners are finding it difficult to purchase an affordable property. If you are thinking about moving home to create space for a new member of your family or moving into a larger property to make use of its spare bedroom, why not consider your own extension? You can build an affordable single storey extension in Harrogate that can serve a number of purposes. Instead of moving home, most people add an extra room onto their house and use it for all kinds of things.

  • Kids Play Area
  • Kids Bedroom
  • Office from Home
  • Man Cave
  • Relaxation Zone

There are a lot of things you can do with an extra room in your house, plus an extension is a lot more affordable than moving to a new property.

If you are building a home extension, you must consider various factors:

Planning Permission

Before any work can be done, you’ll have to apply to the local council for planning permission. Sometimes it isn’t necessary, but most times you’ll need to get approval.

Choosing a Contractor

It is important to shop around and speak to numerous builders in your area. Ask to speak to some of their previous clients to see what kind of feedback you get. Don’t pay the full amount up front, once the extension is finished, make sure you are fully satisfied with the work before you hand over the other half of the money.