Smart Home Carpet Cleaning for Your Use


Do you have carpet at home? Then it is important to properly maintain your carpet. Vacuum it regularly and allow the room where the carpet is to be ventilated daily. In addition, it is good to intensively clean your carpet once in a while. A steam cleaner or carpet cleaner offers a solution!

Difference between steam cleaner and carpet cleaner

A steam cleaner and carpet cleaner both blow steam. Yet there is a difference. A carpet cleaner also has suction power and is heavier than a steam cleaner. A steam device is usually more compact and less heavy. For the best steam mop for tile floors now you will be getting the smartest options available.

How to clean carpet with steam cleaner?

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly before you get started with the steam cleaner. Fill the steam cleaner with water and add a special carpet cleaner if necessary. Move the steam appliance in strips over the carpet until the carpet is clean. Ventilate the room well and only walk on the carpet when the carpet is completely dry.

How to clean carpet with carpet cleaner?

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Then spray the carpet with water and detergent and let it soak in for about 10 minutes. Move the floor nozzle over the carpet to allow the detergent to absorb into the fabric. Rinse the carpet with clean water and then vacuum up all the water and dirt. Ventilate the room well and only walk on the carpet when the carpet is completely dry.

When and why clean carpet with steam cleaner?

Carpet is a beautiful floor covering, but retains dust and dirt faster than hard floors. You can keep the carpet clean by vacuuming it regularly, but dust and dirt will remain that you do not see. It is therefore good for hygiene to thoroughly clean the carpet once in a while (for example, once a year) with a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner. This removes all the dirt and makes your carpet look like new again.

A nice carpet looks good and feels good on your feet. But without proper care, it can quickly wear out and look a little shabby. Regular vacuuming removes only a part of the dust and carpets hold more dust than you can see with the naked eye. So you may wonder how you can clean your carpet without the help of a professional service. With our carpet cleaning tips you can keep your carpet in top shape and remove the most stubborn stains without having to make up your piggy bank for a professional carpet cleaning service.

Five things you need to know before you start

Never rub

It is always important to treat a stain as quickly as possible, ideally immediately after the accident. But never try to rub the stain away! With this the dirt only goes deeper into the carpet.

Dabbing works wonders

Pour a generous amount of lukewarm water on the stain and gently pat it with a cloth, cloth or towel. Work from the outside in and repeat with a clean cloth if the first cloth is quickly dirty.