Clear Signs of a Drain Blockage

Drain Blockage

A blockage in your drain pipes could lead to a myriad of different problems, and it’s incredibly important that you call a professional plumber to get rid of it right away. Small drain blockages may seem pretty straightforward to clean out, but there are a host of things that people miss out on. A blockage can occur due to any number of reasons. Here are some common things that can cause a blockage in the drains:

  • Excess of tissue paper which mixes with oils
  • Solid items getting stuck in the pipes
  • An excess of hair build-up in the drains

If a drain pipe gets blocked, it could lead to a series of problems. There are numerous drainage companies in Solihull that you can contact to clear the blockage. The thing is, you need to take action as early as possible to get rid of the blockage. Here are some signs that indicate a drain blockage.

A Stinking Odour

If you can smell a stinking odour from anywhere near the drains, it’s probably a sign that a blockage exists in the pipe. It’s recommended that you call a company straight away if you continue to smell that stink.

Water Drains Slowly From the Toilet

When you flush the toilet, the water should drain out quickly. If that doesn’t happen, there’s a strong risk that a blockage exists deep in the pipe. If you don’t get it fixed, it may block the drain pipe completely, which could lead to a sanitary hazard.