How to Buy a Turkish Rug


If you’re one of the lucky ones to travel to Turkey, you will soon find yourself talking to a salesperson about buying a Turkish rug. These salesmen are masters of persuasion and manipulation. They can get you to buy the worse item, possibly without any suspicion. Information is power, and with this power comes excellent deals. With the right knowledge, you will never be at the mercy of these Turkish salesmen. You will be able to buy the best Turkish rug without hurdles.

The Rug Sale Demonstration

When invited to a rug sales demonstration, you will be welcomed wholeheartedly, with a complimentary beverage to chill your nerve. Well, never fall for it or let your guard down. Once you settle down, they will delve into the rich history of Turkish rugs and how generations after generations impacted the world through rugs.

A Turkish rug would outlive you. Some will stay for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The difference between a Turkish carpet and those sold in your local houseware is that Turkish rugs are handmade. A great machine-made Turkish masterpiece can last for years. They live for ages!

The Making OfTurkish Rugs

Unlike rugs from other parts of the world, Turkish rugs are handmade and are double-knotted. The artisans loop the yarn twice through the weft; thus, making it more durable and sturdier. Elsewhere, they tie it with single fiber per vertical thread. These flawless Turkish rugs are from silk, wool, and a little cotton blend.

Makers Of Traditional Turkish Rugs

When it comes to weaving Turkish rugs, that is a craft perfected by young girls taught by their mothers. They have taken this up for centuries and began weaving rugs to prepare food for traditional dowry and trousseau. However, the Turkish government has a program where young girls can enroll and learn the rug weaving course. These programs are all over the country, with sales operations not far from each location.

Since rugs last for generations, these sales operations also buy used rugs. It often happens if the owner needs another type of carpet or design.

Turkish Rug Prices

When it comes to costs, the sizes of the rug don’t determine worth. What influences the amount of the Turkish rug is the number of knots per inch. Usually, rugs that hold 400 knots per inch are often cheaper. Prices of small woolen Turkish rugs can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands. Once you find a Turkish rug that you love, the cost would be the last thing on your mind. You will go for it immediately without hesitation.

Cleaning A Turkish Rug

When buying your Turkish rug, discuss with the seller the appropriate way to clean the rug. Who knows, there could be some special instructions you didn’t know. Aside from that, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the rug daily as you desire. If there is a stain, there are lots of cleaning solutions that you can use, like baby shampoo and water. With a Turkish rug, you will be able to transform your home into something beautiful.