Commercial Kitchens – Health & Hygiene Issues to Look Out For

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If you run a commercial kitchen of any sort, you will already know that health & hygiene is critical, and there are third party providers that the kitchen would use on a regular basis, in order to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. You might be wondering how to find pest control near me in York, yet a Google search will lead you to a local company that service the food industry, and they would help you to set up a schedule, whereby they pay regular visits to ensure the premises remain pest free at all times.

  • Rats & Mice – Always a danger, especially with all that food, and the kitchen manager would have an ongoing arrangement with a commercial pest control provider, whose job it is to ensure there are no rodents within the kitchen.
  • Ants – The presence of food will certainly attract ants in the summer months, and whether red or black, they must be eliminated, and should a local authority inspection reveal the presence of ants, this could have serious consequences on your business. Ants protect their nest very well, and spraying them with chemicals will only wipe out the scouts, whereas the pest control officer uses potent chemicals that are taken back to the nest, where they quickly get to work.
  • Cockroaches – These tough little creatures seem to survive everything, and they have been around longer than the crocodile, around 500 million years, so they are very adaptable. Particularly hard to eliminate then in a commercial kitchen environment, which is why you should leave it to those who remove pests for a living.