Do You Know Cleaning Hacks Can Damage Toilets? Here Is How

Damage Toilets

There are tasks around the house, and then there’s toilet cleaning. When it comes to performing the task correctly, take a look at these dos and don’ts.

Tik tok trend Fabuloso hack is not real

You may have seen a TikTok video recommending the use of cleaning agent Fabuloso inside the bowl to allow your toilet to self-clean with each flush while scrolling through dances and how-tos.

Although it may be tempting to think that your toilet will clean itself, putting a big bottle of cleaner inside the tank can actually cause more harm than good. Toilet components like rubber and plastic gaskets and seals can be harmed by the persistent chemicals. The internal components of your toilet may fail and leak as a result of that damage. Furthermore, the water needed to properly flush the toilet is displaced by the bottle inside the tank. That may result in backups and clogs. Thus, while having a clean toilet is great, it’s not a good idea to leave a bottle of cleaner inside the tank.

Don’t use dragons in your toilet

You want to clear a clog in your toilet as soon as possible. This is the proper method for unclogging your toilet that avoids the need for chemicals. Traditionally, Dragons and other harsh chemicals work by using bleach, an active and caustic ingredient, to dissolve a blockage. As it operates, the chemicals are flushed down the drain. In the case of the toilet, chemicals may become lodged in the trap, which is the S-shaped portion of the toilet’s bottom. The porcelain may crack as a result of the heat produced by the Dragon’s chemical reaction. Furthermore, if you use the chemical to clear the clog in addition to using a plunger, you run the risk of splashing the hazardous substance onto your skin, which could result in burns or skin irritations.

Don’t flush cleaning wipes

Especially when it comes to eliminating bacteria from the toilet seat and handle, disposable cleaning wipes are an easy and quick way to clean your toilet. The US Environmental Protection Agency, however, advises homeowners to only flush toilet paper. Cleaning wipes and even sanitary wipes marked as “flushable” should never be flushed down the toilet as they can harm the internal plumbing of your house as well as the local wastewater collection systems. They also don’t decompose in septic tanks or sewers.

Go ahead and take on that new dancing challenge, but watch out for toilet-cleaning tricks that could harm your plumbing system. For more information on safe plumbing techniques please consult a plumber North London at Squires And Duran.