What Is an Industrial Mist Collector and Why You Should Have One

What Is an Industrial Mist Collector and Why You Should Have One

Manufacturing companies often need to get rid of oil mist produced by oiling systems. Industrial tools and processes that use oil and emulsifiers form oil mist. The mist comprises tiny droplets of oil or a mixture of oil and water suspended in the air. Where there is high metal-to-metal contact, installing some oiling system is necessary to extend the life of the machine. When these oiling systems are installed, they generate oil vapor that can be hazardous if not handled appropriately.

An industrial oil mist collector, therefore, becomes an essential tool to have. The machine clears the air off these impurities and provides a conducive work environment. Therefore, an industrial mist collector is a must-have for every company yearning to be top efficient in their process and safeguard their workers’ health. Some of the reasons you should have an industrial oil mist collector is;

Improved Work Health

oi mist collector in your plant to ensure healthy employees

According to US Safety and Health Administration, employees using heavy equipment and other forms of material can adversely react to metalworking fluids, which can be inhaled as mist. Oil mist can cause health problems for employees working in power plants. Some of these problems include shortness of breath and coughing. Dangerous oil mist is also known to cause skin conditions. Therefore, it is important to have an oil mist collector in your plant to ensure healthy employees. Healthy employees equal to good results.

Maintenance and Productivity

If the mist is not eliminated properly by an oil mist collector, it usually accumulates in different workspaces, bringing many new challenges to power plants. Typically, the mist can foul the electrical system used in electronic sensors by machinery. If these sensors fail due to mist, the system may shut down unexpectedly. Depending on the closure’s length, maintaining these closures can be high, and revenue can be lost. An industrial mist collector will save you headaches and losses in this case.

Costs Reduction

The oil mist collector system helps reduce costs by returning the oil that is usually wasted during the draining process to the oil tank. It can considerably lessen your makeup costs and downtime.

 Avoiding Government fines

It is important to understand the state’s fugitive emissions regulations to understand the possible fines one might incur. Oil mists from oiling systems are one of the unintended emissions that may be found in power plants. They should then be actively removed from the power plant to avoid fines from the state permitting agency.

Efficient and economical oil mist separation depends on many parameters, so choosing the right oil mist collector system requires careful consideration. When capturing oil mist and emulsified mist, many factors should be taken into accounts, such as the type of coolant forming the oil mist, viscosity, quantity, current working parameters, size of the work area, and the intensity of the treatment.

There’s a common misunderstanding that industry mist collectors are expensive, and due to this, not many companies have them. They are worth the venture in the long run. An industry mist collector will save you money and help run the plant efficiently.