Safety Practices for Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling can be quite dangerous if not done properly. It is necessary to impose certain practices while performing the job to ensure the safety of the operators and workers at the site. The person conducting the core drilling should be well-trained and informed about the dangers and hazards that could occur and be armed with the necessary safety measure. Numerous precautions are to be placed to prevent any kind of occupational distress or mishap during diamond drilling.

A Proper Safety Regime Leads to Efficient Diamond Drilling

Several kinds of injuries could occur during diamond drilling. Some of these include kickback injuries and hidden hazards like exposed rebars, loose electrical wires or trapped pockets of gas, water or debris. The employees need to be trained to identify such hidden hazards and make sure that the sites are safe. Diamond drilling is a tough job that demands precautions before the job being started and also during the ongoing drilling process. Read about the myths that surround the diamond drilling process and do not get influenced by such facts. Always follow the safety regime in the following hierarchy to conduct a sound diamond drilling job.

Wear Certified and High-Level Safety Gear

The operators should wear properly fitted outfits as any loose clothing can pose the danger of getting caught in the drill. Some other protective gear are also required while drilling. A hard hat should be worn so that your head is safe from any fly away chips or concrete pieces during the process of diamond drilling. Your eyes should also be shielded from the flying dust and concrete particles with the help of safety goggles and use earplugs to muffle the noise. Always use the latest and updated safety gear and use your safety belt and life-line.

Double-Check The Pieces of Equipment

First and foremost, check if you are using the correct tool for the correct surface. Read the manual of the core drill and its respective bits beforehand and be thorough about the safety instructions. You should also conduct a trial run to check if the drill is functioning smoothly. Never try to repair or fix the settings of the drill in the midst of the process. Store the tools in an organized and neat manner so that there are no tripping incidents and injuries as a result. Maintain your equipment regularly by conducting inspections of parts, lubricating and replacing worn parts.

Be Careful When There is an Ongoing Drilling Job

You should always be patient while performing the job and do not finish the job in a hurry as it will leave imperfect dangerous edges that are unsafe to deal with. Another safety measure is to let the helpers around you know about the locations of all the emergency stop buttons on the drill so that they can come to the rescue in case of any mishaps. Make sure that you have enough water to cool the drill-down and continue the process friction-free. If the drill is overheated it can lead to damaging the material being drilled and also pose danger to the operator performing the diamond drilling.

Lastly, Conduct Training Workshops to Have Safe Drilling Endeavors

You should always conduct training sessions to ensure that all the new-comers and even the experienced drillers can be updated about the safety practices to keep in mind. Diamond drilling can be a tricky job at times and it is necessary to complete the job with utmost perfection and with all the precautions always in place. Thoroughly following the safety regimes before every job will result in less to no injuries and mishaps.