Major Garden Features That Won’t Break the Bank


Spring in just around the corner and that is the ideal time to carry out some garden renovations, ready for the summer, and if you would like to improve your outdoor living space but are not sure exactly how, here are a few great ideas that won’t cost a fortune.

  • Rockery – If you have a vacant corner of the garden, this is the perfect place for a rockery, and with the local landscapers in Harrogate, this is a job that won’t take more than a couple of hours. A few yards of topsoil, an assortment of rocks and some evergreen plants and shrubs is all it takes to create a colourful corner feature.
  • Water Fountain – This makes for a splendid central feature if you have a large lawn, and you can go grand with a statue and a small pond. The landscape gardener can easily handle such a project and he would have a few design ideas that you not have considered. The fountain could be lit with LED lights, which would make for a very attractive night time feature.
  • Pond & Waterfall – Another very attractive water feature, which many people believe brings calming properties to the setting, with the running water and some lush green plants. Of course, the scope of the project would depend on the available space, but if you do have a big garden, you can really go to town.

For a reasonable cost, you can have a really attractive feature in your garden, to make those long summer evenings even nicer.