Window Cleaning And Other “Must Do” Summer Tasks That Transform Your Home


Summertime brings to mind family BBQ’s, vacations, drinking your morning coffee on the patio – you get the picture. Along with these fun summer activities there are also a few tasks, including window cleaning, that need to be done. The household tasks listed here are best carried out when the weather is nice and sunny. Even better, the following chores have the ability to transform the overall appeal of your home.

Window Cleaning

When the sun shines vibrantly through your windows, any dog nose prints or fingerprints are going to be clearly visible. Because window cleaning requires either working inside or out, the best time to give them a thorough cleaning is when the weather is warm says Bob Pergolotti of Fairfield Window Cleaning. Nothing quite amps up the appearance of a home than sparkling clean windows.

Clean Door and Window Tracks

Summertime also means throwing open your windows and doors (if you don’t use air conditioning), so it’s important to make sure they’re easy to open and close. Now it is time to clean away the dirt and debris that’s logged in window and door tracks. If they’re still sticking, applying a little bit of WD-40 to the tracks will ensure that they smoothly glide open and closed.

Clean the Exterior of Your Home

Because the summer months usually involved getting together with family and friends, playing games outside, soaking in the sun, and barbeques, you’ll want to clean your home’s exterior. The home exterior areas we’re talking about include the driveway, deck, patio furniture, etc. It’s a good idea to hire a professional CT power washing company to perform this task. You can try to do the pressure washing yourself, but if you haven’t done it before you’ll need to proceed with caution. Pressure washing siding can end up doing more harm than good.

Wipe Down Light Fixtures Indoors and Out

During the winter months, light fixtures, especially outdoors, end up covered with dirt and debris, and collect dead insects. Opening doors and windows during the summer lets insects, as they’re attracted to the light in your home. Clean out any shades, especial bowl-shaped shades, wiping them down inside and out on a regular basis.

Quick Fix Patio Cleanup – Use a Microfiber Duster

Everybody should have a microfiber duster with an extendable pole. A lot of people these days sing the praises of microfiber, but what most haven’t realized yet is how great they are in a pinch to clean patios (and just about anywhere else). Microfiber can quickly clean away dust from patio furniture, the spider webs and other debris from eaves around the home, etc. The extendable pool makes it easy to clean hard to reach places – a huge benefit.

Note: When it comes to window cleaning, you should also consider hiring a window cleaning company. These professionals have all the right tools and expertise and will clean your screens and sills as well.

As temperatures rise, both homeowners and businesses need to address a number of maintenance concerns. From window cleaning to landscaping, to pressure washing the siding of your home or business, summer offers the perfect opportunity to take care of maintenance tasks that will transform its appearance.