Do You Realy Know How To Dust When Cleaning


Dusting is one of the chores that not everyone can do. Anyone can force themselves to pick up a vacuum or a mop and get the job done, but dusting is something that’s pretty painful. You have to move everything, clean it, and then put it back in its correct place. Well, it’s not that bad when there’s some music playing in the background or if an entertaining TV drama is on. Whether you enjoy dusting or need some motivation, you should follow some steps to ensure you do it correctly.

Tip 1: Have the right materials – really. It matters.

Be sure to buy a microfiber cloth from your local supermarket the next time you do groceries. If you do not have one, don’t worry! A soft cloth will do just fine too. Put some water on the cloth and start wiping everything down to collect all the dust in the cloth. If you’ve cleaned recently and there isn’t too much dust, just use a regular duster to pick up the dust.

Optional: If you’re into keeping everything pristine and shiny looking, you should also get some wood polish. But be sure to dust first then apply the polish!

Tip 2: Your movements matter.

Our first instinct may be to just wipe down the nearest surfaces to us such as table tops and shelves, but that isn’t the way to do it! Dusting is clearly an intricate process. The trick is to start from top to bottom. Grab a duster and dust the corners of your walls for any cobwebs! Make your way down to shelves on the walls all the way down to baseboards. The reasoning behind this is that the dust you wipe off will move down to the lower surfaces.

Tip 3: Don’t be lazy – wipe everything.

If you have books – wipe. If you have little decoration pieces – wipe. Wipe everything. It’s time consuming, but it’ll keep your prized possessions in pristine condition and create a healthier environment. If you’re sneezing a lot and say that you’ve dusted everything, you may missed a couple small things sitting right under your nose!

You can follow these steps to keep your house dust-free or you could hire someone from maid services Dubai to do it for you weekly! Either way, it has to be done! Your health could seriously be affected from accumulation of dust.