Effective Carpet Cleaners


The most popular and cozy floor is a carpet and it is in almost every home. Sooner or later it has to be cleaned from various kinds of dirt and stains and different sorts of means for cleaning carpets will come to aid. What agent is suitable for your carpet, retains its color, structure of the fibers? What the most effective and yet safe washing detergent for your health means?

It is very important to pay attention to the procedure of cleaning the carpet, especially for those who have children in the family. Depending on the type and types of fibers different means for carpet cleaning are used. The color also plays an important role, as it is important when cleaning not to spoil the original external qualities of this element of the interior.

All cleaners for the carpets are divided into two types. Synthetic. They include all household chemicals.
Natural or home handy tools.

Contrary to popular belief, synthetic means are not necessarily harmful or dangerous to health. Nowadays, more and more manufacturers are trying to produce environmentally friendly products, which are not harmful to people or the environment.

Shampoos are almost  the most popular and effective detergents, which are used by consumers at home to clean the carpets. In addition to the cleaning itself, this means are intended for the prevention of contaminations. Shampoos produce a large amount of relatively thick foam, by which the carpet is cleaned.

Stain removers are special chemical products for direct purification of the dirtiest spots on the carpet. They are applied only directly on the place where the stain is, and it disappears when contact with the stain remover.

Remember that these substances are quite toxic, so their packaging have to be leak- tight, that is, the lid tightly closed, in a bottle there should be no cracks, etc. An excellent tool for the carpet cleaning at home is a spray.

To clean carpets at home, you can use special household chemicals. They are widely produced. It is only necessary to choose the appropriate, according to the carpet material (natural or synthetic), the color and type of stains, and, just follow the instructions to carry out cleaning.

Shampoo can clean carpets and rugs, and even it can be used for upholstered furniture. It foams well, it penetrates to the coating base, removes static electricity, refreshing color.

Stain removers are the popular means for cleaning carpets, perfect for synthetics. It penetrates into the fiber, remove various stains and grime. The product contains polymers that protect the carpet for some time from new contamination.

Cleaning paste. It is characterized by high foaming, piercing even to cover the base.
Concentrated formulations are composed of a mixture of air conditioners and waxes, superbly refreshing the coating.